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“Scout” – C-ATCH StoneBull’s About That Night, CGC, MXP, MJP, RA

In 2008, Scout became the first bullmastiff to earn an agility championship title (C-ATCH) in the Canine Performance Events (CPE) agility venue.  She retired from agility in the spring of 2012 after earning her Master Standard Preferred and Master Jumpers Preferred titles in AKC at almost 9 years of age.  In 2013 she embarked on a second career in Rally Obedience and earned her Rally Advanced title.  At almost 11 years old, she is still hale and hearty and is actively employed as our resident chipmunk stalker and “couch buddy”.  Scout was sired by Ch. Tauralan Red Teddy and is out of Ch. StoneBull’s Eyes In The Nite, CGC.  She was bred by Vince Grlovich and Lindy Whyte of Tryumphe Bullmastiffs, Washington, PA, who graciously allowed her to come back to her mom’s original home in New Hampshire to live her life with us.

“Neala” – C-ATCH 2 Bulla’s Stones Throw Away Eh, CGC, MXP, MJP, AFP

Neala is our current agility star. She earned her second C-ATCH CPE agility title in 2014 and is actively competing in AKC agility at the Masters Level.  She finished the 2013 season as the #4 Bullmastiff in AKC Agility and earned an invite to the AKC Agility Invitational held in Orlando, FL December 14 & 15, 2013.  She finished at the Invitational in 54th place out of a total of 145 dogs competing.  Not bad for a bullmastiff that also turned 7 years old on December 15th! Going into the 2014 season, she is currently the #1 Bullmastiff in AKC Agility.  She was bred twice, producing 16 puppies in her first litter and 10 in her second.  Her son from her first litter, Pharos, lives with us and aspires to do in Obedience what his Mom has done in agility.  Neala was sired by StoneBull’s Forever Night and is out of Can Ch. Jeikridge’s Fawn Wishes.  She was bred by Frances McEvoy of Bulla Bullmastiffs, Ontario, Canada. .


“Pharos” – Ch. StoneBull’s Beacon In The Night, CGC, CD

Pharos is Neala’s son from her first litter of 16 and flew to his championship in 8 shows at 18 months of age.  He’s a big, goofy boy with a wonderfully happy disposition.  He started in agility as a young puppy and very much enjoyed it but as he grew, it became obvious his size and weight would be such that we would have concerns over his long term safety in the sport.  So, we introduced him to competition obedience and true to his happy nature, he’s enthusiastically embraced it, earning his CD title with 2 2nd’s and a 3rd place in all breed competition.  He’s currently out seeking his CDX title.  Pharos was sired by GCh. Briart’s Solar Storm of Traceabull and is out of C-ATCH 2 Bulla’s Stones Throw Away Eh, CGC, MXP, MJP, AFP.  He was bred by us.    



“Luna” – Midnight Lunar Eclipse At StoneBull

Luna is Pharos’ litter sister and similar to her brother, is quickly moving towards her championship with limited showing.  Her personality is the same as his; very happy, never having met anyone, two or four legged, she doesn’t like. Luna was bred in August of 2013 and produced a litter of 11, one of which lives with us – Awen, and another Mitch, we co-own with our friends and professional handlers, Kent and Robin MacFarlane.  Luna lives with her owners, Ed and Kathy Laraway of Dredger Bullmastiffs in Northfield, MA and may try her paw at Rally Obedience later on in the year.

“Lucy” – StoneBull’s Lucretia McNight

Lucy is Pharos and Luna’s litter sister and was named after the 60’s song; “Lucretia McEvil”.  When she was a puppy, her owner claimed she lived up to the song and was frequently told; “Lucy, you just so darn bad!” Lucy is a very busy high energy girl, who also enjoys her “creature comforts” – the woodstove and cuddling under the covers on a cold winter night!  Lucy returned to us this year to earn her AKC championship (she’s already pointed in Canada where she lives with her owner) and while here, may even try some agility and motherhood.  She was bred by us and lives with her owner and her mom Neala’s breeder, Frances McEvoy of Bulla Bullmastiffs, Ontario Canada.

“Oryn” – Ch. StoneBull’s Remember Night Rainbows, CGC, RN

Oryn is Neala’s son from her second litter of 10 and earned his championship with back to back majors, including a Best of Breed win from the classes over male specials.  Again, similar to his half siblings, Pharos, Luna and Lucy, he has a marvelously happy disposition and loves to greet you at the door of his house with his favorite stuffed toy in his mouth.  He lives with his owners, Judith and Tracey in Putney, VT, is certified for Nosework and has earned his Rally Novice obedience title. Oryn was sired by GCh. Roxedge All Fired Up and is out of C-ATCH 2 Bulla’s Stones Throw Away Eh, CGC, MXP, MJP, AFP.  He was bred by us.



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